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Global Business Connection (GBC) is a professional business networking club designed to bring entrepreneurs from different fields and regions together to talk business, share new trends, ideas, and further develop their professional network. GBC is based in Hong Kong, China but count with representatives and members all around the world. We are present in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Europe. We work closely with manufacturers, event organizers, business associations, chambers of commerce, inspection companies, and logistics providers. We have the capacity and knowledge to match businessmen and businesswomen with high qualified suppliers from China, Turkey, India, Mexico, Vietnam, etc., and follow up the complete process for successful deals. Join GBC and grow your business network in a very professional and friendly environment, with the support of an excellent and international team!


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Once a quarter GBC will invite you to join business gathering locally or globally. You have to be ready to add value to business, stimulate thoughts, sharing knowledge, and discover the best opportunities of local and international markets. Meetings are designed to reach not only high efficiency, but also to be enjoyable.

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Since we are agent of several international and local exhibitions and event, our members are very welcome to join those activities, and communicate directly with reliable suppliers from different industries. Also, as member, you can enjoy benefits such as: travel expenses, hotel accommodation, pre-matching meetings, networking events etc.

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We put our more than 10 years’ experience in sourcing at your service. GBC can find for you qualified suppliers from China and other leading global economics, follow-up purchases, help you with the price negotiation and assistance along the importing process, offering you an excellent logistic and shipping service.

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Quality control

GBC work closely with inspection companies, and we have the confidence to make sure that your business is proceeding according the agreement with supplier. With very competitive rate we can control the quality, provide needed certificates, testing etc.

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